Newborn Baby Favorites

Little one is just over two months old! It’s crazy how quickly life moves! She is truly a bundle of joy and we are very much in love with her sweetness! I feel pretty blessed because she seems like a really good baby so far and that makes it all just that much more enjoyable!

I was making myself a list of some favorite essential items that have been so helpful in the beginning so I could remember them when it came to getting baby gifts for friends who are expecting in the future and thought I’d share it here too! I was over the moon to receive any “tried and true” items when we were getting ready for baby and thought you might be too! (Actually two of these were gifts from a dear friend who knew I’d need them!) It might seem weird to give someone nipple cream or the best soap for getting out inevitable poopy stains, but know whoever is on the receiving end will appreciate it! Haha!

(Starting top left and going clockwise)

1. Freshly Picked moccasins- Not only are these absolutely adorable but I’ve found them to be the only shoes we have for her tiny feet that actually stay on! (not that she needs shoes obviously- definitely more of a fashion statement than an essential item lol) They were definitely a splurge but I got them when there was a bit of a sale so they weren’t quite as bad. If you follow Freshly Picked on Instagram she will post about any sales and other exciting happenings so you know the good times to buy!

2. Little Remedies saline drops and  the Nose Frida- When little one got her first stuffy nose it was so sad! These two items came in handy to have at home to help clear it out a little bit! The Nose Frida is absolutely revolting (you suck through the tube to get the boogies out- a spongy filter prevents anything from actually going into your mouth) but it works! In the words of my sister who is also a new mommy, “it’s so satisfying!” Haha gross, but whatever works, right?

3. Medela Tender Care lanolin and Motherlove nipple cream (if you breastfeed)- The first few weeks are rough! You have to take care of those poor nips!! The Medela brand is so so nice- it goes on very smoothly which is key when everything is feeling pretty beat up. Love it. The Motherlove brand is organic and also goes on very smooth. I alternated using both. Actually I kept one at one breastfeeding “station” and one at the other. Then you don’t forget to put it on after each time!

4. Silkberry Baby pajamas- These are by far our favorite pajamas! They are SO soft and they are stretchy so they are super easy to get on and off! Also they zipper vs. button! Button pajamas are ridiculous to get on and off to change diapers in the middle of the night! Zipper pjs for the win! This brand is a little spendy but it’s Eco-friendly (the pjs are made of super soft bamboo rayon) and designed by moms in Vancouver, Canada, which is cool!

5. (Not pictured but very important) Fels-Naptha soap- Oh. Em. Gee. I am SO glad my friend bought this for me and introduced it to me! She said it was the best soap for getting out poopy stains on baby clothes and man was she right!! It’s just an old school bar of soap but if you wet down the poopy stain and rub the bar of soap on it real good before you throw it in the laundry you will never even know there was anything there! And seriously, the times when I debated just throwing away the outfit it was so bad, this soap totally saved the day!!

Well, those are a few of my favorite baby items so far. Of course there’s more but maybe I’ll share them another time! 😊


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