Oh baby.

It is June. And baby is due in 5 weeks! And I just found this post from below that I had written months ago and never published…. and decided to post it even though it’s old! SO here ya go!

“Enjoy it, because it’s happening.”


Well, it’s happening! I am 16 weeks pregnant! Woohoo! Baby Hauge is due July 13, 2015.  We are very excited! I’m feeling a lot better now that I’m into the second trimester, thank goodness! Kyle has been absolutely wonderful, packing up snacks for me to bring to work to “make sure the little fella doesn’t get hungry” and forcing me to drink milk to get my vitamin D to make sure baby isn’t too tiny! In another 4 weeks we will find out if baby is a boy or girl! We have the baby room started, in very neutral colors, so it will be fun to know which type of “pop of color” we can add! (Navy and mint for boy; coral/blush and gold for girl… in case you were wondering!) We haven’t shared our news on instagram or Facebook at all yet, I’m still waiting for Kyle to tell some more of his friends and coworkers.  Well actually we haven’t decided if we wanted to share publicly yet, or if at all… but I’m thinking we’ll need to say something publicly at some point! People like to know happy news like this! I’ll be sure to share some photos of the baby room as it progresses and other tidbits here and there of how things are going!


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