Beauty Review: Dry Shampoo

My hair is ridiculous. It is slippery and shiny and straight.  Girls with curly hair always say they are envious of how straight my hair is without me having to do anything to it. I don’t think there is anything to be envious of. It always feels flat, and by the end of the day, even a little greasy. If I have plans hours after shampooing my hair, I’m typically in need of something to freshen up my hair and give it a little volume.  So, I’ve learned that dry shampoo was a product made for heads like mine. I’ve tried numerous brands and wanted to share some of the ones I’ve tried and most importantly, my top 3!


What I disliked about Tresemme, Suave and Pantene was that they made my hair feel heavier and even sticky/greasier! NOT the point of dry shampoo! Although they are easy to find (Target) and reasonably priced, I do not recommend them if your hair is like mine!

On to my top 3! I will include pros/cons:

3.  Detox Dry Shampoo by DryBar: Definitely gives the lighter feeling and even a little texture/volume! However, it leaves noticeably white residue in hair! Who wants to look like they are graying (more than they already are… ahem…)! I ran my fingers through my hair then noticed white fingerprints on my black leggings- yikes! The smell is ok, not amazing but not awful, definitely a strong smell.  It is a nice product and brand overall but not my go-to choice when in need of dry shampoo, but even still I’ve used it several times because it does the job when needed. $12 for 1.4 ounce/$22 for 3.5 ounce at Sephora

2.  Pssst Instant Dry Shampoo: This product is a GEM! I originally bought it at Walgreens thinking it was a really sketchy brand but I was in a pinch.  I ended up loving it and wishing I could find it at Target when I ran out.  It gives that light feeling I was looking for, with a light powdery smell (not overwhelming) and is SO reasonably priced! I found the travel sized cans for something like $3.00 at Nordstrom Rack and stocked up! If you see this stuff- BUY IT! I highly recommend! I haven’t seen the full size bottles anywhere than my original purchase at Walgreens but am on the hunt for it- sorry I don’t remember how much the big can cost.

1.  Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray:  This stuff is amazing. The only reason I was able to rate it higher than the Pssst brand is because it smells AMAZING! I get compliments on the smell all the time when I use it! It gives that fresh feeling in addition to some volume and texture.  It works so fabulously! The only negative is that it is spendy! I buy it at my salon, Obadiah Salon in Bellevue.  They also sell it at Gene Juarez.  Last year I got a full size bottle at the Gene Juarez warehouse sale for half price- STEAL! The travel size is about $22 and the full size is about $40, can’t remember exact prices.  Definitely a splurge, but well worth it!


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