<That’s what the cool kids hashtag for “Woman Crush Wednesday.” I just try to be hip and follow the trends you know. :) >

So my woman crush for today is the awesome gal who writes the blog How Sweet It Is.   I follow her blog and I follow her on instagram and facebook (I’m a stalker).  She is always posting the most glamorous, drool worthy, hilarious and/or inspiring pretty things.  She is obsessed with makeup just like me. Also she always posts pics of (her) bold colored lips, which, despite my aversion to lipstick, I find intriguing and classy.  I love her recipes and her style and I quite honestly feel like her and I should be friends!

So today when I was getting ready to leave work I decided to look up a recipe for something that involved chicken and mushrooms and a delicious sauce so I could stop at Safeway on my way home to grab the ingredients I needed.  I almost went with a recipe I saw on Cooking Light but then I saw this gem:  Caramelized Chicken with Mushroom Sauce.  It was like the light shined down upon this link and the angels started singing. I was sold.

Side note: I can only get away with cooking things that involve mushroom overload on Wednesdays since Kyle is at soccer all night.  You should have seen the rant expressed in emoji I got from him when I told him I was making mushrooms- clearly disgusted.


This recipe did not disappoint.  It was amazing.  I guiltily ate way too much of the bread, drowned in mushrooms.  I enjoyed it all too much and despite the unfortunate timing (I have to fit into a wedding dress in about 5 months) I have been turned on to cooking things in real butter. <Drool> The smell. Mushrooms swimming in butter. Oh. My.

I do believe I have highly underestimated the value of cooking with real butter until now. Damnit. Hopefully I can avoid it as much as possible until after the wedding.  Maybe I should register for that Julia Child cookbook….

Anyways, there is something to be said for trying a new recipe, that’s amazing, made just for you, by you. I highly recommend.

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