Keep Calm and Carry On

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep calm and carry on. Those two delightfully cliche sayings mean pretty much the same thing, don’t they? I got this great calendar from my sister for Christmas. It’s so cute, each month is a different “Keep Calm and……” saying that goes with each month. My crafty self is going to get a frame that size and cut up the calendar after each month and use as seasonal art around the house. FUN! šŸ™‚


Anyways, aside from my cool new calendar, I read this article that seemed to be a perfect mental pep-up for a “fresh” 2014.

Click here to read: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff- from Real Simple

It talks about how to use the reasoning side of your brain to counter emotional reactions that make you feel negative- disappointed, anxious, defeated, inconvenienced, etc. I thought it had some great advice!

I often get caught up with my emotions- worrying about something I said, or didn’t; letting anxiety ruin my day; feeling unworthy or insufficient. Ā I try to stop myself from getting carried away but often have a really difficult time of stopping that emotional reaction. I think some of these tips will really help me. And by handling situationsĀ  LIFEĀ with more reasonable than emotional reactions, I think I’ll be a more productive and efficient person. Obviously I will let my positive, happy emotions take over on days like my wedding day and other exciting life events, because, well, duh. Ā But in terms of controlling a negative emotional reaction, thanks Real Simple!

Happy Monday friends!


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