Ringing in 2014

I honestly don’t think I could have asked for a better holiday season this year! K and I spent Christmas down in Vancouver with his family. It was my first Christmas that wasn’t in Minnesota, ever, but it was so amazing! I love his family and they actually have similar traditions to that of my family so it made the transition to change a whole lot easier! His mom even had a stocking made for me with my name on it! Talk about feeling right at home!

When we got back from Vancouver, my family flew in to visit! What a treat! They all stayed at the house, and although I thought it would feel a lot more cramped, it actually was not bad at all! The house was full of Christmas cheer- aka tons and tons of belly laughs! I had such an amazing time with all of them! I also got to know my little sister’s new fiance a lot better which was awesome! He’s a really nice guy and I couldn’t be happier for little Kitty!



We rang in 2014 in style, naturally! I hosted a black and gold themed party at the house.  We all got dressed up, made appetizers, Tina made a fancy drink, ordered pizza, played games, danced, set off illegal fireworks in the backyard, and watched the ball drop as a family.  It makes me warm and fuzzy and happy to think about!




To kick off 2014 we did the Wold Family Winter Olympics, which consisted of a 5k loop around Lake Boren, a hill climb (up our back yard haha) and a game of cowboy golf.  My sisters are hilarious and I think Kyle enjoyed spending time with all of them, as loud and overwhelming as we can be all together!


2014 is going to be a life changing year. I already can’t wait to marry  my wonderful man and begin our lives together (officially).  I have set some good goals and feel like I am starting the year in a healthy and happy state, physically and mentally. Cheers to 2014!!



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