Holiday Cheer

Four more wake-ups! I feel guilty for how ready I have been for winter break… going on two weeks now! The kids are totally ready too which is a big part if my readiness!
The first Christmas in our home is coming along quite nicely! We went out to the mountains on a tree mission last weekend, and although we ended up getting one from a tree farm instead, the adventure in itself was worth it! The tree looks so beautiful in the living room! I’ve purchased a few new festive holiday decor items and we have been given a few things from Kyle’s parents as well… It is starting to feel quite festive! My family will be coming out right after Christmas too!! Woohoo! Although my first Christmas away from Minnesota will be weird, I’m definitely excited about the new holiday traditions Kyle and I are starting!
My favorite parts of this season have to be the smell of a Christmas tree (ours smells a little bit citrusy!), the glow of Christmas lights, Starbucks caramel brûlée latte, Hallmark holiday movies, candy cane Hershey kisses and the warmth of Christmas cheer spread with family! Oh, and the movie Elf, although I haven’t seen it yet this season!
I am going to try hard to slow myself down and work hard with my students the next four (well, 3 if you don’t count Polar Express day) days and not wish them all away! And then plan on enjoying every single day of my two week vacation with every ounce of my being! 🙂
Happy holidays! And if I end up with any successful holiday baking projects I will share! (So far my three unsuccessful attempts at bourbon salted caramels have me feeling defeated as a baker!) For now, cheers to mistletoe and holiday magic!


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