Year 9

Today was the first day of my last year of school as Ms. Wold! Next year I’ll be a Mrs.! So weird to think about! Last year I began the school year dreaming about the possibility of moving into a new house, not really thinking it would actually happen… but it did! And now I’m dreaming about/actually planning a wedding! Kinda crazy thinking about the big changes that have been occurring in my life! I got a little sentimental thinking about the fact that I have to change my last name, as mine means a lot to me.  My dad used the phrase “you’re tough, you’re a Wold” many times growing up. It became a part of my identity and a source of pride.  I know that changing my last name doesn’t change me as a person, but I felt weird about it while over-thinking the idea when driving to work.  I also know that I don’t have to change my name, but that I will.  And my new last name will bring on a whole new feeling of family and pride, so it will all be ok.

Today was a whirlwind! My throat hurts from talking so much and I’m totally exhausted but overall I think it was a good day.  I am feeling stronger about my communications with parents and that is always a big goal of mine.  I’m optimistic that I’m starting out feeling strong… that usually doesn’t happen.  We have way too many kids this year but I know that is only temporary.  It’s frustrating to think about all the relationship and community building that will go to waste when several kids get moved out of my room, but I know I’ll be too excited to have a manageable class size to worry too much about that. And although my team has changed a bit this year, I have a great feeling about the work we will do this year!

This evening was filled with a lot of relaxing on the couch and a nice long walk in the neighborhood with my honey (who is really excited that he spotted a bobcat crossing the street!) and an early bedtime to get re-energized to do it all again tomorrow! Here’s to a great school year!


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