Screamin’ Deals


Here is my haul from a trip to Kohl’s earlier today! I am so shocked! I typically don’t have great luck shopping there but today I made out like a bandit with several staples and some fun stuff! I got a jean jacket, a chambray shirt and denim shorts- all great staples I’ve been needing for my wardrobe for a while. (Also the makings of a sweet Canadian tuxedo! Lol) I also got a pair of cute cobalt blue skinnies that were on clearance for $5.40! What a steal! Then I got four blouses, two sleeveless, one short sleeve and one 3/4 sleeve. They are fun and can carry me over from summer to fall. I have already played with a few outfit options and am optimistic about my increased stylishness! Oh and the best part, this was all under $200! Score! Thanks Kohl’s and LC Lauren Conrad for keeping me out of embroidered sweaters and denim jumpers. (Whew, that could have been a close call haha).


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