Road Trip!

Vacation week has finally arrived! Enter giant sigh of relief! I am so grateful that K is making this little vacation happen. We need it. He has been working so hard/much lately and I have basically been a basket case.  My mind is constantly racing and I haven’t been sleeping that well and that is just plain ridiculous since I’m on summer vacation! Last night was the last straw- I had my worst possible nightmare! It was a school dream, which is far too premature, and it included the Ging being back in my class. AHHHHH! (Picture Kevin from Home Alone after putting on his dad’s aftershave- yeah, that bad).  This vacation is coming at a perfect time.

We leave tonight and are just driving to the Vancouver area to stay with K’s parents.  Tomorrow we will head down the Oregon Coast and stay two nights in Cannon Beach.  We will camp tomorrow night and stay at a hotel Wednesday night. Then we head east over to Bend, OR where we will stay in Sunriver. I’ve never been so I’m pretty excited. I’m also excited for our stop in Tillamook- cheese and ice cream, duh. We come back in 6 days. Hooray for road trips with my honey!

Today’s tasks include: making CD’s for the trip, lunch date at Purple with some favorites, trying on wedding dresses (EEK!!! We are ENGAGED!! see below!) and packing!

Today’s goals include: No anxiety. No stress. Keep calm and vacation on!!

P.S. Yeah, so we are engaged! Kyle proposed on a perfect evening, out on a bike ride, about a month ago. He totally surprised me! We are very excited and so happy!!



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