30DOT Fail!

Shocker, I didn’t keep up with my attempt at posting every day for November’s 30 days of thankful project! It’s not that I wasn’t thankful for many things every day, I just don’t have a good habit developed yet of “blogging!” I was talking with my friend yesterday and got the idea of just making a list and recording things I’m thankful for to make up for my inability to post them earlier! So it looks like I left off on day 8.  With 30 days of November – the 8 days I posted… that = 22 things to be thankful for! Here goes:

22. Crock Pots.

21. Chocolate Hour aka Planning Time with my team.

20. Saturday morning walks to Starbucks.

19. Sweet innocence of first graders.

18. Good friends from high school. #Cherish.

17. Hot showers.

16. New mascara.

15. Sunday shopping and lunch with girlfriends.

14. Talking shit, drinking wine and laughing my ass off with best friends.

13. Kleenex with lotion, Orange Spice tea with honey and lemon,  and Theraflu. Cold season sucks, but these things do not.

12. K’s patience, intelligence and determination.

11. The gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier from our new family room.


9. Both K and I’s jobs, allowing us to afford a beautiful new roof over our heads.

8.  The helpful people at Home Depot.

7. My nice new neighbors who let me use their phone when I got locked out.

6. Facetime.

5. Blue skies, white clouds and green trees.

4.  Snow capped mountains.

3. My health. (Not today but in general)

2. The fact that I have a positive outlook on life and can appreciate the many gifts God has given me.

1. Can I say OUR NEW HOUSE twice? How about the view from our master bedroom which includes an awesome, super cool tree? It’s like art.

I hope that makes up for my lack of posts in November. I think it’s a pretty good list.  An attitude of gratitude is something I try to live by every day, so it’s easy to think of things to be thankful for, material and non.

Even though I have a miserable cold (thanks for sharing, K) and my head feels like a huge balloon that is ready to pop, I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday, that I get to stamp and be crafty with friends on Saturday morning, and that I get to enjoy a delicious grilled cheese party Saturday night. So much to look forward to and be thankful for. Oh, also thankful for my friend lending me her steam cleaner- so excited to clean! 🙂

Well, expect some more frequent updates! I’ve got to share all my excitement and upcoming projects on this new house!




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