30DOT: Day 7

I’m behind a little, but I’m backtracking and making sure I post for every day this month, even if I post a couple on one day to catch up! Day 7 was November 7, my awesome sister Christina’s 29th birthday! (Also, my half birthday, FYI.) I got to facetime with all 3 of my sisters (and Ben) when they were celebrating Tina’s big day. “Ging is in!” LOL! Bonnie and Katie surprised Christina by decorating her place and having her presents all lined up, Chipotle and ice cream cake on the table! They are so thoughtful! I wish I could have been there but facetiming with them made my day equally as much! I am SO thankful for my three INCREDIBLE sisters! They are my best friends for life and they always make me laugh.  They have made me who I am today and will love me no matter what.  I don’t know what I would do without them! It is so hard to live so far away from them, but phone calls, texts, facebook, and facetime make the distance much easier! I love you girls! Thank you for being you! I am thankful for you every day!


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