Silver Springs Campground for Beginners

My lovely and amazing boyfriend convinced me to go camping this summer!  (I’ve never been officially camping! I know, OMG)  We hosted a WH-ILD fourth of July party on his rooftop the day+night before we were going to camp:

The party was a hoot. After such a fun event, I was not my usual chipper self the next morning and we were supposed to leave for this one-night-camping-extravanganza down by Mount Rainier bright and early.  This is maybe the first/only time I will ever hear K say “Perk up Buttercup, no grumps allowed at the campsite!” (PRECIOUS). I was so crabby that it wasn’t even that cute, however.  Darn planning ahead. I couldn’t ditch out of this one. Nevertheless, I survived the car ride down south without getting sick, thank goodness.  And really, by the time we got down to Silver Springs Campground, I wasn’t hating life entirely.   Once we got our tent set up I was feeling pretty good.  After all, it was absolutely beautiful scenery with the mountains, blue skies, crisp creeks and fresh air.  Hard to be a grump when nature reminds you that you’re being a total baby.

A few tips for beginners (like us): buy your firewood and bug spray in advance so you aren’t trekking through limited shops around town a secluded area wasting precious campsite enjoyment time.  Also, do not try to grill bratwurst on a stick! Hot dogs, sure.  Bratwurst, NO! They don’t work very well, even if your adorable man takes the time to whittle down the ends of sticks you searched all around the campsite for to sharp points! The brats start to explode and end up looking like… well, something else.  Stick with grilling them right on the “grill” and you’ll be all set.  Lastly, if you are tempted to look down the vault “restrooms” (aka outhouses) with a flashlight to make sure there aren’t raccoons down there waiting to bite your butt- just don’t. Ever. (And buy a “Go Girl” if you are not skilled in “popping a squat.”)  You should be in really good shape if you follow my tips. 🙂

The first photo above is from the tree at our campsite. For real! Some romantic actually carved a heart into the tree and we were fortunate enough to have our first camping trip be in such an adorable spot! I thought it was pretty sweet!

Those last two photos are from when we took the gondola to the top of Crystal Mountain…. I thought the reflection in his aviators was pretty neat!  If you’re down in that area, definitely take the gondola trip up and check out the scenery. Breathtaking.

The “Rosewood Suites” (aka our TENT) was very accomodating. I am looking forward to the next time we go camping when K allows me to sleep on an air mattress, vs. roughing it on the ground in a 20 year old sleeping bag (not ideal). He was testing me I guess.

Silver Springs Campground was, overall, a delightful first camping experience. I’d go back, or maybe be in for a 2 night camping trip! And don’t leave your Mike n Ikes out on your table overnight, critters will attack these hot items! Thanks K, for a great trip! XOXO


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