I went to heaven (aka Camelback Inn and Spa).

Ok so looking back, the Fremont Solstice Parade was a really lame kickoff to summer.  My trip to Arizona came out as the winner for the best kickoff to summer ever invented in America, or the world, in all time, EVER. I was able to grace a delightful group of women (coworkers friends) with my presence on their annual summer spa trip. Let me tell you, these gals have got relaxation down to a science.  If there was a class in relaxation, these ladies would have a Ph.D. in it! I’m not joking. We flew in early to Phoenix, got picked up by the Dougie (that’s a whole ‘nother story) and arrived to our hotel and did this:

Every place we went had cool chandeliers so I had to take a picture of them all.  This is the one at Culinary Dropout.  If you ever go there, you NEED to order the pretzel balls with provolone fondue. AMAZE-BALLS. And get a Moscow Mule.  If we didn’t have our foodie friend, Emily, we would have never known about these treats. Thank you Emily!

So, after a tough day, we headed back to the hotel.  I was exhausted and could hardly walk after that stupid half marathon I decided to do the day before.  Side note: Always go to a spa right after doing a half marathon.  It is a perfect cure for tired and sore muscles. 🙂

Yeah, every day was pretty rough on this trip.  Sleep in, breakfast, pool, spa, dinner and drinks, repeat. Aside from a few grouchy servers, everyone at the Camelback was super friendly and helpful and down with the whole relaxation thing.  I could totally get used to this type of thing. Any volunteers to come make me a delicious breakfast like this every morning?

I was one of the top three competitors in a tan-off.  We called the competition “50 Shades of Bronze” because everyone was reading that popular series on the trip.  (Grey, not Bronze, silly) It is pretty difficult work competing in a contest like this. Lots of long hours put into training.

The second day I had my first spa treatment. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. A shower with 9 shower heads and you don’t even have to sit up?! Yep. Included in my treatment. My skin was as smooth as buttah afterwards. Gotta love that!

We went to a pizza party at a place called North, another adorable restaurant in North Scottsdale.  Another cool chandelier:

And a delicious drink, I think it was called a Peach Blossom.

The third night we went to dinner at a lovely restaurant called Modern Steak.  We order 5 bazillion appetizers and shared them, along with a couple bottles of wine.  I haven’t been so full in a long time. It was heavenly. The decor was really cool, I should have taken a picture in the bathroom it was so neat, but then I thought that might be kind of weird, so I didn’t. Here is another cool chandelier:The last day was bittersweet! We didn’t want to leave! We enjoyed our last spa treatments and then happy hour at the R Bar at the hotel. It was very yummy!

I had such a great trip! I was so thankful to have been invited to join this rockstar group of girls on the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on! Goodbye Camelback!

Until next year… 🙂


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