School’s Out for Summer!

Another year down! I just finished my 5th year teaching at my school! Wowza! That makes 7 years of teaching under my belt! It is hard to believe that… you could almost say I’m approaching the status of veteran, although I’d argue that.  I certainly don’t feel like a veteran, mostly because I know I still have so much to learn.  There are lots of changes happening at my school and next year is going to be a lot different.  Luckily, I am feeling optimistic about where things are headed (despite feeling sad and a little bitter about losing so many wonderful mentors and coworkers…).  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work under the direction of an amazing boss, vp, and coach.  They have helped shape me as a teacher and guided me as a growing professional.  I am forever indebted and will miss working with them on a regular basis.  I am LUCKY that I get to keep my team! They ROCK! Seriously.  I would be on the verge of a mental and emotional breakdown had they decided to leave too, so I think we should all be grateful they are staying and my team is still intact.

I learned a lot this past year, it was a challenging one.  But it ended extremely well.  I was so sad to say goodbye to my class, a few of my students even made me choke up a bit as we said goodbye.  I hope they are all having a fabulous summer and that I’ll see them in the fall! And as much as I will miss them, I do love my summer breaks! Bring it on, sun! Time to get tan! 🙂


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