Kickoff to Summer!

Summer! Ahhh, summer! I had NO major summer plans and starting thinking of things I wanted to do/see/accomplish over the summer… a bucket list of sorts, if you will.  I am looking forward to what this summer will hold! It’s gonna be a good one!

The Fremont Summer Solstice Parade was a new addition to my summer repertoire this year! Quite honestly I was nervous to go see a bunch of naked people riding bikes.  It sounds, well, questionable to say the least.  But we were lucky this year to have a good friend who lives in Fremont and offered to go down there EARLY and save us a spot on the curb for our up close parade viewing pleasure! (Thanks Thom and Kelly!) K and I walked over from his place and enjoyed mimosas, good friends and an entertaining parade! What a great kickoff to summer! And what a cool event- people are very “free” and it actually felt kind of liberating to see so many people so comfortable in their own skin (literally).

It actually wasn’t so bad, most of them were painted very artistically!

The floats and all the other people who participated in the parade were very creative! Lesley University’s Integrated Teaching through the Arts program would be proud! Cheers to all the freaks in Fremont! 🙂


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