Hello world?! Creepy…

Yes.  Very first blog.  Ever.  The idea of saying hello to the world via the internet is, well, creepy to me.  But I’m trying to get used to the idea. In fact, I’ve been trying to get used to this idea for quite some time now.  Tonight I bit the bullet and here I am.  If I wasn’t so disturbed by the term “noob” I’d ask you to excuse my “noob” behavior as I learn the ropes of this world of blogging. But since I despise that word, please just excuse my amateur behavior.  Thanks.  I luckily have an extremely tech-y friend who I can turn to in times of blogging turmoil and she will most likely help me solve my problems.  Thank goodness for tech- savvy people.

** Correction: Per wikipedia, I think I would be considered more of a “newb” not a “noob” because of my willingness to learn all about being a sophisticated blogger.  Regardless of this correction, I still despise the word. If I wasn’t such a “newb” I’d be able to link in my wikipedia findings for proof of these definitions….. <sigh>

In other news, I would like to begin with a disclaimer that I have already typed up some “blog entries” in the past few months with the intent of starting a blog… so there will be some “throwback” entries which will include those thoughts/stories regardless of the fact that they will not be related to current life situations.

I also would like to apologize for the overuse of quotations tonight. I will not make this a habit.  I don’t wanna be one of those people who bend the double peace signs with every other word uttered. Ugh. Busy.

Ok, well, thanks for being patient with me. For now,  ciao ciao.



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